Stairs and Landing Areas Cleaning

Moving to a new home is a happy event. But, it can also drain your energy and make you frustrated. The fun part of moving includes deciding the right places the things you have must go. Before you start unloading the moving truck and arrange the different things, you need to clean the home thoroughly, especially the stairs and landing areas. Moving before a thorough cleaning increases the risk of dirt and other harmful pollutants inside the room. Hence, not cleaning can lead to regrets later. You may have cleaned the house before moving but have you deep cleaned areas such as stairs and landing? If not, you need to pay attention to these areas to ensure the healthy atmosphere of the home. What are the reasons for focusing on these areas for cleaning? Here are some of the reasons:

High-Traffic Area
Stairs and landing areas are the busiest areas in your home. Since most of the traffic passes through these areas, it can become the first port to accumulate dirt and grime from people’s shoes. It is also the most suspectable area for staining. You need to pay attention to these areas while cleaning.

Deep Accumulation Of Dirt
Most stairs and landing spaces have carpets or rugs on them. So, the dirt and grime settle on it. As you step on the stairs and landing area, the dust, dirt, or other particles can ground deep into the fibres of the rug or carpet. You can also transfer the dirt and debris from these areas to other parts of your home. Disturbing the dirt settled can cause these particles to spread into the air. It can increase the risk of respiratory problems or allergies.

Cause Accidents
Accidents can happen when moisture builds up on the landing area or stairs. Not cleaning these areas can increase the risk of slipping and falling.

Looks Unappealing
Every time you go up the stairs or landing space, the fibers on the carpets get matted down. It becomes shortened in length. People who fear falling can walk on the side of the railing for extra support. Stepping on the same spots several times a week can cause some damage to the carpet irrespective of its quality. It can make the area look unappealing. Maintaining the carpet in these areas can pull the shortened fibers while removing the dust and dirt. Cleaning these areas can make the stair and landing space look appealing.

To avoid these issues and ensure deep cleaning, you need professional assistance. Getting help from an expert can also save time when you unpack. It eliminates the worry involved with deep cleaning. The experts have state-of-the-art equipment and use sophisticated cleaning techniques for cleaning the stairs, landing space, carpet, grout, and other areas. Since you have no idea what hides in the carpeted floors or stairs, getting it thoroughly cleaned can give you peace of mind. Also, the moving process may have shifted and scrunched the carpet. A professional cleaning company can clean and stretch the carpets in such areas for a fresh and clean home.

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