Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If you are tired of trying to scrub off the smudges on your carpet and do not want to spend thousands of Euros that it’ll cost trying to buy a new one, Sandyford has an offer for you. Sandyford’s presents premium commercial carpet cleaning services in Rathfarnham, Dublin. At a fraction of the price of a new carpet or a more traditional carpet cleaning service, we provide you with high-quality cleaning services at your residence with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Another aspect of carpet cleaning that Sandyford carpet cleaning will take care for you is maintaining sanitization and removal of foul and unpleasant odour. It is never a pleasant experience to smell the foul mouldy odour coming from old carpets and can be an embarrassing oversight in the presence of guests.

Sanitization of your carpet is also important as it prevents the growth of mould and removal of dust and other trapped particles in the fibres of the carpet. It is also beneficial as a properly sanitized carpet decreases risks of disease spread in the residents and helps maintain good air quality. Our specialized tools are made to extract and eradicate any and all sources of foul smell in your carpet and to allow a more natural and neat aroma to permeate your surrounding

Carpet Cleaning Services Rathfarnham

Commercial carpet cleaning involves has a lot of minute intricate steps involved that altogether make it an affair that is often best left to professionals. Sandyford cleaner’s staff is well-trained and experienced in the makeup and the styles of different carpets and the methods needed to wash those carpets without damaging them. For example, Woollen carpets or carpets made of synthetic materials requires cleaning procedures that have been tailor-made for that particular fibre and our staff at Sandyford carpet cleaning is well versed in all treatment procedures.

Yes, a good and thorough cleansing treatment increases the lifespan of your carpets. Good carpets are made to last for decades with good maintenance. This quality maintenance is hard to find in today’s world but Sandyford cleaning service is proud to offer it to you. Your carpet’s lifespan will double after treatment by our professionals and tot-tier suctioning and hot water scrubbing equipment.
Yes, Sandyford’s cleaning treatment procedure has been specially designed to address all foul odour causing agents. There are a lot of reasons for foul odour in carpets but the growth of mould, accumulation of moisture and fluid spills are the most prominent causes. Our hot water scrubbing technology and the high pressure suctioning removes all traces of spills and mould from the carpet. Moisture absorbing techniques are used to ensure that no moisture is present in your carpet.
Unclean and in washed carpets are a nesting ground for bacteria and disease-causing factors. A carpet that has not been moved in a long time will gather a lot of dust particles that will irritate the airways of all susceptible individuals. People with respiratory disorders are especially vulnerable.


    Sandyford Carpet Cleaning is your go-to place where all your worries of carpet cleaning will be over.