Carpets are not only a decorative item, but they add a distinct personality and ambience to a residence or a business. Carpets provide warmth and a welcome fell to all residing in the home and also promote creativity and increase the productivity of all living there.

The combination of cleaning professionals and the use of incredible technology makes it so that the cleaned carpets shine like a new one and give them a new lease on life. The fibres and rough patches that made your carpet look old and dated can be removed and pruned to restore your carpet to its pristine condition.

Sandyford, the premier carpet cleaning service provider in Clonskeagh, Dublin, has over 25 years of experience in cleaning carpets, mattresses and residencies. Sandyford’s professional crew of highly trained cleaners have worked in over 20 countries and use their years of knowledge to clean your carpets and homes with the utmost efficiency and expertise.

Quote for your carpets

You can reach Sandyford with a call and get a quote for your carpets. You will be briefed on the methodology of our cleaners and informed about the cleaning procedure. We provide home carpet cleaning services so that you do not need to lug your heavy carpet around town. We create targeted cleaning plans that will be uniquely suited for your residence and make it possible for us to be in and out of your home in no time.

The equipment used by Sandyford as the pre-eminent carpet cleaning service provider in Clonskeagh is world-class and uses cutting edge technology with strong suction and hot water washers to cleanse your carpets thoroughly.

Sandyford’s excellent service along with more than 2000 satisfied customers have made it a recognized name in the field of cleaning services. The affordability of Sandyford’s service doesn’t come at the cost of their quality of work. Only the best and cleansing agents are used, and their premium quality is reflected in their environmentally friendly nature.

There are many reasons why Sandyford is the best choice of carpet cleaning service for you. Chief among them is that it will save a lot of your time that can be spent on other productive activities. Sandyford’s affordable and efficient carpet cleaning services are highly rated and acknowledged for being the best in the market.
If the only issue with your old carpet is that its old and likely tarnished and discoloured, getting a new carpet is not advisable. A new carpet is a huge and unnecessary expense to undertake if the old carpet is still in a reasonably good condition. You should hire professional carpet cleaners, like Sandyford carpet cleaners, that will restore your old carpet to its original condition and give it a brand-new appearance.
No, after having your carpet cleaned by Sandyford Carpet cleaners, there will be no difference in the stain resistance of your carpet. Sandyford uses the latest soaps and equipment to clean carpets so that no such problem arises. The above-mentioned issue only happens when some cleaning companies use cheap detergent to clean carpets more quickly. This makes the carpet sticky and attracts all the dust and dirt particles.


    Sandyford Carpet Cleaning is your go-to place where all your worries of carpet cleaning will be over.