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Carpet cleaning is a tiring and stressful task. However, do you know what is more complex than getting your carpet cleaned? Drying your carpets fast after cleaning is even tougher.

The presence of carpet cleaning companies makes it easier to get your carpets cleaned within a short time. However, drying your carpets is completely your responsibility.

restaurant carpet cleaning

Restaurant carpet cleaning

Why is it important to dry your carpets?

Can’t you leave your carpets wet? It is one of the serious mistakes, which you should avoid committing. Leaving your carpets wet will not only damage them but can also cause serious damage to your flooring.

The wet carpet promotes the growth of bacteria and fungi, which can damage your expensive carpet even after a deep cleaning. Laying the wet carpet in your room can generate a bad odour and affect the overall environment of your room.

This is why drying your carpets is essential.

4 ways to dry carpets fast after cleaning:

Here we have shared a short guide for drying carpets fast after cleaning. Follow these 4 tricks to enjoy amazing results.

  1. Turn on the ceiling fan:

The ceiling fan can help you in drying your carpets fast after a deep cleaning. The professionals perform their best to dry the carpets. However, it takes a good time to get a carpet dried completely after a cleaning session.

You can simply turn on the ceiling fan in your room. Good airflow will remove the moisture from the carpets and dry them out fast.

  1. Do a dry vacuum:

If you want to get your carpets dried immediately after a cleaning session, then a dry vacuum is the best option for you. This advanced tool is efficient to suck water from the carpets.

It will remove the water from the carpet and help in dry fast. You can simply rent or borrow a dry vacuum from your neighbourhood and make the drying process a little easier for you.

  1. Expose padding:

The padding of the carpets takes a long time to get dried completely. This is why you have to expose the padding to dry your carpets fast. You can expose the padding by pulling back the corners.

Plus, you can also set a little fan near the padding to dry your carpet fast. It will help in creating a good airflow to remove the moisture from the carpets and save you time.

hospitality carpet cleaning

Hospitality carpet cleaning

  1. Keep your windows open:

It is one of the easiest things that you can do to dry your carpets faster. Keeping your windows open will create a good airflow in the room and increase the temperature as well, which will help in drying the carpets faster than usual.

However, you should avoid placing your carpets in direct sunlight as it can cause damage to your expensive carpets.

In the nutshell: 

Let’s follow this ultimate guide to dry your carpets faster after a deep cleaning. All these tricks will help you in getting amazing results.

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