COVID-19 Carpet Cleaning: Our Commitment to Health safety During Coronavirus

The COVID-19 outbreak has created a new sense of urgency in disinfection and sterilization that did not previously exist. Even in non-pandemic times, carpets may be difficult to clean: muddy boots crush them, coffee spills on them, and food crumbs pile in them. Furthermore, germs such as bacteria and viruses become caught in it.

Regardless of the problems, with proper maintenance, carpet may be a part of a healthy atmosphere. A skilled carpet cleaning crew can prevent the transmission of viruses in your house and keep your community safe from COVID-19. So read on to learn more about how expert carpet cleaning in COVID-19 times might be beneficial to you.

  • Viruses and bacteria will be eliminated:

COVID-19 and other viruses may survive on surfaces such as carpets, rugs, and couches. This indicates that the virus can propagate through these surfaces. COVID-19 may coexist with allergens, microorganisms, and contaminants already present on your carpet.

Vacuuming is insufficient for disinfecting carpets and preventing viral transmission. Professional carpet cleaning services employ powerful but safe disinfectants to guarantee that all viruses and germs are thoroughly removed from your carpet. The solutions eliminate pollutants from your flooring without harming your health or your flooring.

  • Invisible Pollutants Must Be Removed:

On carpeted surfaces, spills and spots are easily visible. Unfortunately, the most harmful parts are frequently hidden. Dirt, dust, germs, and viruses are frequently unnoticed, and you may be unaware of their presence. You may rest easy knowing that you are secure from unseen toxins by cleaning your carpets correctly.

  • Keep Your Air circulation Safe:

Rugs packed with filth and dust can obstruct ventilation in your house. This can have major consequences for everyone in your home, especially those who have respiratory concerns. The air quality in your home might be harmed if viruses and germs become trapped in your carpet.

  • Spend less money:

In the long term, investing in expert carpet cleaning services may save you money. You may extend the life of your carpet by cleaning it regularly with the right tools and detergents. Moisture may build up in soiled carpets, making bacteria and germs thrive and spread more easily. You will have to replace your carpet if the problem develops too large to clean or disinfect effectively.

Carpet cleaning regularly not only removes viruses and germs. They also safeguard your carpet expenditure. Professional cleanings can help you avoid unpleasant odors, matted carpet, damp cushioning, set-in stains, and dust or particle blockages.

Why should you hire Sandyford Carpet Cleaning?

Sandyford Carpet Cleaning is among the most recognised and trustworthy carpet cleaning companies in the industry. Their team of experts has years of expertise in the field and can simply assure that every square inch of your carpet is free of germs and bacteria. They have also been fully adapted to the COVID-19 standards and regulations, ensuring your and your family’s safety at all times. Not only that, but all of the other services are highly affordable and handy for you.

The Top 5 Professional Cleaning Methods Used mostly by Companies

Incorporating carpets and rugs into your interior designs may result in an immediate makeover. Unless the objects are filthy and contaminated, in which case they will just add to your mess. They should be cleaned or cleaned by professionals as soon as possible. Carpeting bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas improve the look of the flooring. So, read on to learn more about the best sorts of carpet cleaning procedures provided by reputable and experienced organizations.

  • Encapsulation:

When foam encapsulation dries, it crystallizes into powder form due to the usage of synthetic detergents as a foundation. Small dirt particles in carpet fibre will be trapped into powder when the cleaning foam dries and may then be cleaned or brushed once the foam has dried. Those that promote utilizing environmentally friendly products have given thumbs up to foam encapsulation cleaning since it leaves less chemical residue after cleaning than carpet washing.

  • Extraction using Hot Water:

This is the most often used professional carpet cleaning process, also known as steam cleaning. Steam cleaning penetrates carpet fibres with hot water under high pressure, breaking out dirt and germs that have accumulated deep within. Following that, the hot water is vacuumed off.

The cleaning technique begins with the application of a cleaning agent to the target area. A cleaning ingredient is then applied with a brush to break up dirt. The real hot water extraction occurs only after the cleaning chemical has had time to perform its job.

  • Bonnet Cleaning:

It is suitable for hotels or other facilities that host tourists and guests and require quick cleaning without creating disruption. There are two methods for cleaning bonnets. The first step is to clean the carpet’s top surface by soaking an absorbent pad in a cleaning solution. The pad should next be used to absorb any dust or other preliminary dirt.

The following procedure involves the use of highly moistened equipment. Cleaning solutions are blended with carbonated water before being sprayed over the carpet. The absorbent pad must be added to the machine after a few hours to absorb the filth on the carpet’s surface. It will clean and disinfect your carpet thereafter.

  • Shampooing the Carpet

Carpet shampooing is among the most traditional professional carpet cleaning treatments that are still in use today. For a long time, it was the standard procedure for heavy-duty carpet cleaning. Since its inception, the procedure has progressed only in terms of the technology utilized. Carpet shampooing nowadays entails applying and working a foamy chemical into the carpet with a brush machine. The “shampoo” and debris clinging to it are subsequently removed by wet vacuuming.

  • Cleaning via Dry Extraction:

Instead of washing more carpets, drying them would take more time. There is no need to dry carpets for hours because dry extraction cleaning does not use water. As a result, many homes choose this approach of cleaning soiled carpets.

When deep cleaning the carpet, a cleaning powder is used instead of detergent. Using a revolving brush machine, the cleaners will sprinkle the powder over the carpet’s foundation. As a consequence, the powder will settle into the carpet’s surface, fully cleaning the components. Following that, the mixed powder and dirt will be vacuumed for thorough cleaning.

Sandyford Carpet Cleaning can simply supply you with one of the highest quality cleaning options available. They have years of experience and use the greatest equipment.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning’s 6 Advantages and How It Can Save You Money

Cleaning a carpet all by yourself is no easy task; these carpets are big, bulky, extremely heavy when they are wet and very sensitive. Carpets are made from materials that give you the feeling of luxury; these soft materials are dyed and knitted to make patterns that reflect the design of the carpet. Now, when you use the carpet over time, they are bound to get dirty, and you will see that they lose their beauty as they get dirty. Hence, they require cleaning. But cleaning a carpet all by yourself is no easy task. So, what should one do? The best way out is to hire professionals who clean the carpets; these people are trained and can remove almost every stain. So, what are the other advantages of commercial carpet cleaning, and can they save you money? Let’s find out:1- Time-Saving:

The most important asset in a person’s life is their time. When you plan to wash a carpet all by yourself, then you are bound to at least invest 3-4 hours in it. And when you are a working professional, you only get this time during weekends, and you would not want to spend 4 hrs of your weekend doing the hard work of cleaning a carpet.

2-    Eliminate Harmful Detergents:

The first way in which the commercial people can save you money is by making sure that they use the detergents and other things concerning the carpet only; this will ensure that there are no damages to the linen or yarn of the carpet. When you wash the carpet at home, you may not know the correct washing agents, and that may lead to damaging the carpet.

3-    Equipment Used:

At home, you can wash the blanket with at most a big brush because you would not want to invest separately in the equipment used specifically for carpet cleaning; hence, in this case, you may again damage the blanket. Commercial cleaning service will use professional equipment to clean your carpet but not damage it. Hence they save you some money.

4-    Stain Protection:

Commercial cleaning companies use agents that can take away from your carpet the deepest of stains, and they can then also cleanse your carpet in a way that it is protected from the stains it might get in the future. Hence, you save money again.

5-    Fully Restored Carpets:

Commercial cleaning people can make even the dirtiest of carpets look new, and hence you can have the carpet back at your house in all its glory.

6-    Expertise:

Commercial carpet cleaning agencies will not only make sure that your carpet looks stunning but will also ensure that they give you the knowledge of how to take care of your carpet for times to come.

Commercial carpet cleaners make sure that you as a customer are more than satisfied with their services, and they save you a lot of money by not letting any damage creep its way into the carpet.

How to Choose the Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Company and When Should You Clean Your Carpets?

When you own a carpet, then there would certainly come a time when it would require that professional cleaning. This is because, over time, the carpet may lose its fluffiness, there could be stains on it that you cannot take off at your home because that might lead to further damage, and also the fact that the carpets are extremely heavy when they are wet. So, to make sure that your carpet is cleaned, you hire a professional carpet cleaning company. But how do you choose which one is the best and most suited company for you? Here is How to Choose the Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Company and When Should You Clean Your Carpets.

1-    Pricing:

The first and the most important part is the pricing of the carpet cleaning company. You would certainly not want to invest a lot of money in just carpet cleaning; you would certainly want to get the best services for the money you are paying. Hence the first thing to notice is the carpet cleaning company’s pricing; based on that, you can further evaluate if the company suits you or not.

2-    Cleaning Type:

Depending upon the state of the carpet, there would be different types of cleaning that the carpet may require. It can be just simple dry cleaning, or your carpet may require a deep cleaning with water and the other cleaning agents; hence make sure that the company that you select gives you all the best market available services because you would not want to spend again and again in just carpet cleaning.

3-    Know the needs:

Before everything you do to get your carpet cleaned, ensure that you have done enough research on your end. You should know what are cleaning types available for the carpets, what kind of stains are required to be treated, and what can just be cleaned by normal agents. We are not asking you to become an expert but to ensure you have a basic understanding of things. This is important because when you got to get a quote for your carpet cleaning, at that time, this knowledge may come in handy, and you may save some money.

4-    Experience:

One of the most important things to know about the company is its experience of the company. The company’s experience can come in multiple ways, especially 2: the first is the number of years since the company has been doing the carpet cleaning business, and the second is the number of carpets the company has cleaned. Either could be used to check the experience, but the latter fits best.

Choosing a carpet cleaning company is not a tough task all you need to do is to make sure that you can know the processes so that you can better judge the company that you plan to select.

Leather Couches: 7 Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining

Leather couches are a highly sought-after item by lovers of sophisticated decorations. And that they are beautiful and leave the house with a touch of glamour, that’s no secret. But, those who choose this furniture need to be attentive to the hygiene of the fabric. Knowing how to clean a leather sofa is essential to keep the home free of bacteria.Leather couches require more specific care and, above all, proper cleaning methods so that neither the material nor the colour is damaged. That’s because the leather of the couch can be affected by many causes: humidity, heat, direct contact with the sun’s rays or stains are some of them. Thus, we have created a guide with 7 valuable tips on cleaning leather sofas with utmost care.

7 tips for cleaning & maintaining leather couches in the right way

Moving ahead, let’s dig deep and learn tips that can help in cleaning your leather couch like a pro:

1. Periodically vacuum with a soft or soft brush to remove dust

When the leather couch is only dusty, it is easy to keep it clean; just carefully vacuum it once a week. Avoid using the vacuum cleaner with more threshold as it can damage the couch’s leather. Alternatively, you may use a long bristle horse hair cleaning brush to dust or clean your leather couch.

2. Clean weekly with a damp cloth

Use a Damp Cloth

If there’s no stain on the couch, you use a damp cloth weekly to wipe off the dirt on it. It would be best to use a soft muslin cloth to wipe the leather sofa. Baby wipes are another alternative product that you can use to clean your leather couch.

3. Moisturize your leather couch

Just like your skin, it is good to moisturize the skin of your couch so that it stays shiny and beautiful. In addition, there are special conditioners on the market to polish and shine the couches.

4. Say goodbye to stains.

When mixed with warm water, Ammonia becomes a powerful disinfectant that, in addition to deodorizing, also removes stains on the leather couch. However, it is essential not to rub so hard in the stained areas so that the upholstery does not discolour, as it could look lighter in that area.

5. Do not use bleach

Even if you clean a very dirty leather couch, do not use bleach to clean leather sofas because the strong nature of the bleach will discolour the upholstery. This becomes worse when used on a white-coloured leather couch.

6. Do not expose the leather couch to the sun.

Do Not Expose Leather Sofa to Sun

A leather sofa cannot be exposed to the sun, as the sun’s rays may damage the sofa’s skin, resulting in dehydrating and discolouring it. Therefore, for durability, it is advisable to place the leather couch in a place where the least or no sunlight reaches.

7. Use of alcohol for removing ink stains and mould or fungus

If, accidentally, your leather couch gets some ink stains, then it is best to use alcohol to remove them efficiently. Also, if you notice any mould or fungus on your couch, using a cloth soaked in alcohol comes to the rescue.


As we have seen in this complete guide on cleaning and maintaining leather couches, there are many ways to take care of the furniture daily. However, once a year — or when stains and deep dirt appear — the ideal is to count on the work of a professional so that the furniture is always perfect as if it had just left the store.

Professional Tips for Staying Safe While Cleaning Your Apartment

Who doesn’t love to be in a place where cleanliness resides. And why not?? Healthy living demands clean surroundings with a supply of fresh breath, which is only possible with the right kind of cleaning. However, a cleaning job is not easy. You have to be very cautious yet careful so that there’s no loophole left while cleaning. Keeping that in mind, this article will take you through the 4 professional tips for staying safe while cleaning your apartment. So, let’s begin our conversation!

4 professional tips for staying safe while cleaning your apartment

Having a clean and healthy place to live is essential to ensure good health, satisfaction, and coexistence among family members. Therefore, proper cleaning of your apartment is necessary at regular intervals. However, you have to carry out this cleaning while staying safe. Thus, follow up the below tips for the same:

1. Wear appropriate footwear

Athletic Footwear

Unsurprisingly, slips and falls are the most prevalent mishaps that cleaners encounter. Therefore, wearing proper footwear that is both comfortable and safe when cleaning becomes necessary. Athletic footwear trainers use probably the best choice since they give strong foot support and have sturdy bottoms that keep you safely planted. You must avoid using sandals and open-toe shoes as they tend to slip while cleaning.

2. Use the correct cleaning products and tools for every corner of the house.

To make cleaning more agile, you will need the right partners. The vacuum cleaner, for example, is what you need to remove dust residue from the rooms without causing irritation or allergies. If you don’t have one, prefer the fur broom, which, in addition to not scratching the floor, works more delicately and doesn’t spread the dust instead of gathering it. The same rule applies to cleaning products: you need to find out which one is necessary, in your case, according to what you need to clean. For example, you will need different products to remove paint stains from the floor and sanitize upholstery.

Correct Cleaning Products and Tools

3. Taking care of proper breathing is essential.

When dusting, avoid using a feather duster to reduce the danger of inhalation. Use damp dusting techniques instead. For example, when sweeping, you should use a damp mop or vacuum to limit the danger of dust inhalation. Cleaning agents are often used in cleaning; however, pump sprayers are preferable over aerosols. Instead of smothering the surface, spray a tiny portion on a cloth to clean it that will cut short the amount of fumes you will be consuming. Moreover, always wear gloves when using caustic cleaning products to protect your skin.

4. Don’t put much strain on the body while cleaning.

Cleaning needs a lot of lifting and stretching; therefore, carrying out these activities that don’t harm your body becomes critical. You have to be very careful with this as this is the most common mistake people make and end up having injuries. Don’t try to lift heavy furniture on your own instead, take help from others. Also, ensure any equipment you use is ideally built to avoid injuries caused by repetitive movements. Make sure you use a safe and sturdy ladder or stepping stool to clean high places.


Cleaning may appear safe, but failing to take the necessary steps can put you in grave danger. But you don’t need to worry as following the above 4 tips will be on the verge of a safe and responsible cleaning method. So, next time make sure to clean your apartment professionally with the tips mentioned above!